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Termite Facts & Our Alternative Treatment

Termite Damage Stats

Termites cause over a billion dollars in property damage a year in the United States. That’s more than all fires and floods combined. Termites are insidious rather than obvious. They work slowly and silently as they eat away your home or other property. Whether old or new, damage is done without you realizing it.

Several species of termites attack structures here in Southern California. You can check for signs of termite infestation even before having a professional inspection. Small brown, beige, or black droppings around baseboards, window sills, and door jams may indicate termite presence and termite damage. Brown mud tubes or tunnels can indicate serious infestation. If you discover either of these termite damage clues, call Hi-Tech for an appointment.

Advanced Technology

Hi-Tech’s microwave technology is a clean and efficient termite control option. In 1993 microwave termite treatments were tested by the state of California and had a 97.4% efficacy rate on the structure that was treated.

Microwaving is used in conjunction with state-registered chemicals such as Altriset and Bora-Care to treat drywood and dampwood termites. For subterranean termites, Hi-Tech Termite Control uses Altriset, a state registered chemical, for soil treatments or slab foundation injections.

Hi-Tech Termite Control Truck

Is tenting for termites always necessary?

No. However, our licensed inspector will advise a full-structure tent fumigation if necessary.

Whether Hi-Tech fumigates or uses the microwave system, our service contract is the same. Based upon the nature and extent of termite infestation, Hi-Tech’s advanced termite control technology could be your answer.

Microwave technology requires:

  • NO tenting
  • NO moving
  • NO removal of plants, plastics or furs
  • NO removal of food, cosmetics or medications

Better yet…

  • NO landscaping or roof damage
  • NO disconnecting computer, security systems, or antennas
  • NO special tree or shrub trimming

Plus, the work is quick and easy.

Simply stated, microwave energy converts to heat that kills termites infesting the wood. This heat is generated by a magnetron mounted on a tripod for easy access to wall voids. The magnetron’s funnel-shaped wave guide directs microwaves to the infested area, penetrating the wood and killing the termites.

Microwave Xterminator 4.0

If termites have invaded your property call Hi-Tech for a free termite inspection.