Eliminate termites with our exterminators!If you think you may have a termite infestation in your home or any property you manage, a professional, licensed termite expert should be consulted.

If termites are present and have infested your home, the termite control expert will first determine which species is attacking your home before making any recommendations. Here in Southern California, it is important to determine if you have drywood termites, subterranean termites, or both.

Homeowners and property managers should schedule regular termite inspections as part of routine home maintenance program. More often than not, homes sustain significant termite damage before the owners become aware of an infestation.

The Best Time to Treat for Termites

Spring and summer are the most critical times to treat for termites as these are known as termite swarming seasons. Most homeowners notice the swarms and increased termite activity by wing shedding and increased sawdust-like droppings.

As a rule, homeowners should treat for termites when signs of an infestation are first discovered. Termite eradication specialists will recommend treatment based on weather conditions, forecasted weather conditions, and soil conditions. Treatment for subterranean termites using bait and liquid methods should not be applied prior to rain as rain may reduce the effectiveness of the termiticide.

Termite Considerations When Buying or Selling a Home

When buying or selling a home or property, termite activity reports and inspections are often required. The termite control expert will offer different treatment, repair, and on-going treatment plans. Read the fine print carefully concerning repairs and guarantees. Some ongoing termite treatment plans are not transferable to the new owners.

You can always count on the pros here at Hi-Tech Termite Control. We provide microwave termite treatments, localized termite treatments, and termite fumigation services for folks throughout San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.