Altriset: Convenient and Eco-Friendly Termite Control

While fumigation is still the right choice for some termite-infested homes in Southern California, homes with less severe infestations can be successfully treated with localized termite treatments. In many cases, local treatments are an effective alternative to fumigation — and they use more eco-friendly and less toxic termiticides than those used for tenting.

Hi-Tech Termite Control is committed to providing low-impact termite treatment using the latest plant - and mineral-based termiticides available. We are proud to offer a range of fumigation termiticide alternatives, including one of the most effective products for short- and long-term termite control, Altriset.

What is Altriset Termiticide?

Many traditional termiticides are too often either highly effective or safe, but few have found the best balance between effectiveness and low toxicity — until the development of alternatives like Altriset. Altriset® termiticide delivers long-lasting and immediate advanced termite control using plant-based ingredients that stop termites in their tracks.

Altriset’s active ingredient mimics a natural botanical derived from the bark of the South American plant, Ryania speciosa. The termiticide is eco-friendly, low in toxicity for people and pets, and deadly for termites. Despite the termiticide’s low toxicity, Altriset begins working to stop termite damage hours after application and can protect your home for up to nine years.

Is Altriset Termiticide Safe?

In repeated laboratory and field studies conducted by independent researchers, Altriset proved to be one of the safest and most effective termiticides available. Altriset’s safety record has made it the only liquid termiticide to be classified as reduced-risk. The recommended application of the eco-friendly termiticide requires no special safety equipment, and the ingredients pose no health risk during or after application.

How Does an Altriset Termite Treatment Work?

Because the termiticide has no odor or taste, termites easily come into contact with Altriset applied to wood and soil. Whether termites ingest it or simply come into contact with the termiticide, the effects begin within hours.

The active ingredient in Altriset termiticide quickly paralyzes the muscles in termites’ jaws, preventing them from feeding. Besides the immediate benefits, Altriset continues to infect the rest of the colony when termites contact each other. That means immediate protection to stop the damage to your home and complete control within months.

For a soil application, Altriset termiticide is applied to the soil under and around a structure to create a perimeter of termiticide. When termites cross through the termiticide to forage, they come into contact with the termiticide and begin dying within hours. For wood application, the termiticide is injected into infested areas at low doses. When termites eat the wood, they either die before they can return to the colony or spread the termiticide to other members of the colony in the nest.

Because of Altriset’s effectiveness at providing immediate and long-term residual termite control, we offer an industry-leading three-year warranty and even provide an extended annual service plan for the ultimate in protection.

To learn more about our convenient and effective termite control methods, check out our eco-friendly treatment options. From spot treatments to fumigation and the most advanced localized treatments for termites, Hi-Tech Termite Control has you covered.

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