Termite Treatment FAQs

It’s concerning to find termites in your home. These pests don’t just compromise the integrity of our homes, they can leave us restless, without peace of mind.

Fortunately, that’s precisely why we’re here. We provide that peace of mind with our termite inspection and extermination services, and we hope to provide a little insight into the issue at hand here on our FAQ page. Here are some of the most common concerns that we encounter here in the termite extermination industry, as well as answers to our most prevalent questions…

Detecting Termites

What Are Some Signs of Termites? +
How Do I Know I Have Termites? +

Microwave System

Can Any Structure Be Treated With the Microwave Process? +
Do You Have to Be Out Overnight With the Microwave System? +
Will There Be Any Damage to My Roof with the Microwave System? +

General Questions

Do You Also Fumigate? +
What Does a Two-Year Service Contract Mean? +
Are Termites Hazardous to Humans? +
Do Termites Live in Cities? +
When Do Termites Swarm? +
Do Termites Make Noise Within My Wall? +
Do Termites Consume Trees, Firewood, and Lumber? +
Does Mulch Attract Termites? +
What Treatment Options Are Available? +
When Should I Treat for Termites? +

Inspections, Treatment, and Protection

Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we do our utmost to protect your home from termites. That’s why we provide a variety of termite treatment services, including termite inspections, treatment, and protection. Count on our termite control experts if you reside in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and the surrounding areas. Book a free termite inspection today!