Microwave Treatments Are More Cost Effective for Termite Control

May 24, 2016by

We’ve discussed in a previous blog about how safe microwave termite treatments can be for your San Diego property. Not only are they safe, but they’re also incredibly cost efficient. Combining safety with cost effectiveness makes this the preferred treatment of our exterminator team, and once you’ve seen what it can do, you’ll be a fan, too. So how does this method save you money?

  • It works. The microwave technology that we use is very good at eliminating the pests within your property. The microwaves used by our San Diego exterminator kill the worker, eggs and the queen to destroy the colony. How does this save you money? You won’t have to pay for repeat treatments on an elimination method that doesn’t really work.
  • No relocation expenses. Whether it’s your personal home or a property that you rent, the relocation expenses associated with termite treatment can be huge. Often, families need to find hotels to stay in, boarding for their pets, and storage for many of their personal items. Those expenses add up fast!
  • It’s fast. Time is money, and this treatment doesn’t require you to give up a huge portion of your time. Not only will you avoid the time spent relocating your family, pets, and belongings, you won’t have to miss work or give up your weekend for treatment.

No wonder more and more people are eager to use the microwave treatment employed by your local exterminator here at Hi-Tech. If you are experiencing a termite infestation and want to use the safest, most affordable alternative treatment option, contact Hi-Tech Termite Control. We’ll set you up with a free inspection! We proudly provide termite control service throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.