How We Exterminate Hard-to-Reach Termites

May 2, 2019by

If you have a termite infestation, you should never turn it into a DIY extermination project. Why? Well termites are finicky creatures, and they may end up relocating and recolonizing if you don’t wipe them out in one fell swoop. That’s why it’s crucial to locate the entirety of the colony, and to ensure that the queen and her eggs are exterminated. Here at Hi-Tech Termite, we’ve employed a few techniques that are sure to work on termites that have settled in in the most difficult to reach spaces in your home. Our termite treatments will rid your home of even the most evasive termites. Here’s what we can do for you.

Microwave Treatments Reach Difficult Spaces

If you have drywood termites that have built a colony within the interior wood of your home, then you may think that the only way to reach them is to tear off siding and drywall and to tear up the ceilings and floors to reach these nasty creatures. Fortunately, there are more elegant solutions. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we have an innovative piece of technology that treats termites within your walls, floors, and ceilings with focused microwaves. Like the microwave in your kitchen, our microwave instrument shoots microwaves at the structure of your home. These concentrated microwaves heat up termites, effectively exterminating any workers, eggs, and queen termites that are in their path. Unlike the microwave in your kitchen, we can use our microwave instrument anywhere throughout your home, casting microwaves directly at problematic areas throughout your space. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your property to accurately assess where any colonies may reside. From there, we’ll use this alternative treatment method to reach termites within your walls and surfaces, without damaging them or removing any siding, drywall, or other materials. You won’t even have to vacate your home as you would if we were performing a tenting and fumigation extermination.

Altriset® Treatments Eradicate the Whole Colony

Alongside our microwave treatments, we provide Altriset chemical treatments which specifically target termites. Altriset is effective for both subterranean termites as well as drywood termites, and it can be applied within the soil around your property as well as in the wood structure of your property in order to keep these pests away. We can pump Altriset into your soil to kill off any termites that come into contact with the substance. Altriset is unique in that it doesn’t kill termites immediately. Instead, termites that touch the stuff will carry it to other termites throughout the colony (including the queen), where it will slowly kill off the termites that have come into contact with either Altriset or another termite that has contacted Altriset. In this way, a Altriset application can effectively kill an entire colony.

The same is true for wood treatments. We can inject wood throughout your home with Altriset to exterminate drywood termites that are tunneling through your home’s structure. Similarly, drywood termites that touch any Altriset will pass it on to other termites, until the whole colony is eradicated.

Continual Protection With Altriset

Altriset can be left within the wood structure of your home, and it can be used to create a perimeter around the foundation of your home in order to provide lasting protection. Altriset remains effective for up to nine years, which means that you can rest assured that termites won’t make your home their own, any time soon. To create a perimeter around your home, we’ll trench out a gap around the foundation of your house. Next, we’ll apply the chemical treatment. Finally, we’ll backfill the trench, leaving a protective barrier that extends around the entirety of your home.

Count on Hi-Tech Termite Control

For speedy exterminations, thorough inspections, and lasting protection against termites, you can count on the experts here at Hi-Tech Termite Control. We do our utmost to make our treatments as easy as they are effective, so that you won’t have to change your day to day as we work to protect your home. Count on us for our innovative termite treatment options — give us a call to get started!