Why Termite Control and Prevention Matters for Your Property

April 15, 2016by

When it comes to battling termites, the termite control experts here at Hi-Tech know that the best first step isn’t elimination, it’s prevention. Termites are very common in Southern California, with drywood termites being the most common and closely followed by subterranean termites. Because both of these termite types are so common in Los Angeles and the Orange County area, property owners need to employ control and prevention to avoid disaster. If you don’t, chances are you’ll be facing a termite problem sometime in the future.

Hi-Tech Termite Control offers affordable and effective termite control and prevention. We employ a variety of methods to stop termites before they can take over your property. Those methods might include:

  • Chemical barriers
  • Bait stations
  • Localized treatments
  • Structural improvements

Our team can recommend the methods based on your property and whether or not we have found evidence of termites already. Of course, if you already have a termite problem, we have solutions for that, too, including our highly effective microwave treatments, which don’t require you or any tenants that you might have to move out of the property like fumigation does.

Once your termite problem is under control, our professional and friendly exterminators will arrange preventative treatments throughout the year to ensure termites don’t come back. They’ll choose the method of prevention that’s best for your property. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your property is protection by Hi-Tech Termite Control and backed with our two-year warranty. Call us today to start protecting your property with the help of experienced and knowledgeable exterminators in Southern California. We work throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.