Our Warranty-Backed Termite Control Services

May 3, 2016by

Our exterminators offer free inspections!Once you’ve dealt with a termite infestation, you’ll do almost anything to make sure they never come back again. Paying thousands of dollars in repair work is a hard way to learn about the importance of termite control and prevention. That’s why our customers choose our termite control services in San Diego! We back up our treatment with a comprehensive two-year warranty. That means you can rest easy knowing that if termites return, Hi-Tech Termite Control will be there to put a stop to them.

We offer several warranties that can put your mind at ease depending on the work that we do for you, including:

  • Two-year warranties on against drywood and subterranean termites
  • One- or two-year warranties on spot treatments for termites
  • Warranties on wood repairs done by our team

You can check out the full details of these warranties along with more information on terms, conditions and options.

The bottom line is this: Hi-Tech Termite Control stands behind our work. With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, we know what treatments work and how to prevent and control termite infestations. We’ve seen the effectiveness of microwave treatments in Southern California homes and know they are often the best option for homeowners. We’ve perfected our prevention methods so they are top-notch and really work. That’s why we’re confident enough to back up our services with great warranties that protect you and your home.

If you are ready for termite control that actually protects your home even after our team leaves, give us a call and make an appointment today. We provide termite control services throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.