How Long Do You Have to Wait After Fumigation Before Going Home?

December 14, 2022by LBN

All the best professional termite control companies offer both fumigation and non-fumigation termite control in San Diego, or wherever you may reside. Both methods are equally effective but, in some cases, one or the other process may not be viable or may be less effective. There are various technical reasons why this could happen and it is best to go by the advice of your termite control company. Insisting on one or the other method because a neighbor told you that it worked for him may not produce the right results for your home.

While both methods are effective, one downside of the fumigation process is that the house needs to be sealed up to allow the anti-termite chemicals to be pumped in and has to remain sealed for a specified time frame to effectively kill the pests. That means that no one can enter the premises for a few days and all foods and other items that may absorb the toxic chemicals have to be taken out. It is a hassle, but once the fumigation is over, you can look forward to a termite-free home that will continue to remain safe for a long time.

How Long Before You Go Home?

The answer to this depends on various factors including the type of chemicals used, the extent of the termite infestation, the size of the house, etc. The termite control company will tell you how long you have to stay away. That said, in general, the home has to be empty and unoccupied for around 24 to 27 hours for effective fumigation.

You’re Home, What Next?

The standards that a professional termite control company has to adhere to are very high and extremely strict. The company will ensure that the home is safe for occupation before they give you the all-clear to re-enter. However, there are things you need to do on your return to ensure that there are no health risks.

  • If any food has been accidentally left in the open or in places where the fumigation chemicals may have entered, throw it away, no matter how good it looks or smells.
  • If anyone in the family notices any skin irritation or breathing problems, notify the termite control company and also consult your doctor. It’s most unlikely that this will ever happen, but on the off chance thatit does, you need to know what to do.
  • If pets show any signs of being unwell, contact your vet and tell him about the fumigation.
  • The termite control company will not leave any mess behind after fumigation, but you may want to do your normal cleaning. Ask the company before you start about any specific precautions you may need to take for the first few days.
  • The fumigation will keep your home safe for a long time, but it makes sense to avoid any activities that may attract pests. Ask the company about any steps that you can take to keep your home safe. For example, leaving paper lying around the house or dead wood in the yard near the walls will offer termites a food source.

If you have a termite infestation in San Diego and decide to go in for fumigation termite control, the slight hassle of vacating your home for a short time is more than made up for by the fact that your home will be clear of termites and will remain protected. A professional termite control company will work with you to ensure that the fumigation is completely effective and to minimize the hassles it may cause you.