Termites Are a Major Problem in San Diego

November 17, 2022by Kristin Herron

America’s Finest City has a lot going for it and while other cities may dispute the tag, it is, without doubt, a great place to live in. However, no place is ever perfect and one of the main problems in owning a house in the city is the danger that termites pose. California has 2 cities among the top 50 in the country that are prone to termite infestation and damage. LA may be in second place, but San Diego comes in at a “respectable” 11th place. All parts of the U.S. may be prone to subterranean termite infestations, but Pacific U.S. also suffers from the threat of drywood termites.The 2 species may be different, but the amount of damage they cause is the same.

Subterranean Termites

As the name says, this species of termite lives underground and builds very large and complex systems of holes and tunnels in the mud through which they move and climb to the surface. The colonies thrive in areaswhere there is moisture and dampness and preferably rotting wood. These termites are most active during the spring, but they are known to swarm in other seasons after heavy rain. The starting point of their attack on a house is often near piles of wood or other cellulose materials left out in the open, near decks, and around air conditioning units where the condensation creates the moisture they want.A subspecies of the subterranean termite is the Formosan termite which is especially common in the San Diego region. They are known as super termites because of their huge appetite and the amount of damage they can cause in a short period.

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Drywood Termites

While drywood termites are less common in California that does not mean that they are less destructive. They swarm in warm weather which is why the months from August to November are when they are most active. They attack by burrowing into the wood on which they are feeding, so wood that has a hollow sound when tapped is a sign that there are termites around. The presence of tiny grey/brown pellets near anything made of wood is another sign of drywood termites. The pellets are their frass or droppings.

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Damage Prevention Is Always Better Than Damage Repair

It is estimated that around 600,000 homes are damaged in the U.S. every year by termites. $5 billion is spent each year in this country on termite damage repair. Many homeowners who have a termite infestation make the mistake of presuming that the damage the pests cause is mainly cosmetic and that simply replacing damaged furniture or wood will take care of the situation. Termite damage can affect the structure of a house and, in the worst case, make it unsafe to live in. Additionally, patching up visible termite damage is never enough. Patchwork does not get rid of them. DIY methods are never fully effective and the creatures soon return to do more damage. The only way to deal with a termite infestation in San Diego is by calling in a professional, expert termite control company that has a full range of services including fumigation and non-fumigation termite control in Orange County. That way you can be sure your home and possessions remain safe.